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[#HKSH100] 養和百年樹人:看不見的醫者──養和醫務化驗師 (Chinese only)

health.mingpao.com | 24 Oct 2022

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) is committed to introducing the latest medical technologies, and to nurturing talents to optimise the use of technologies for the ultimate benefits of patients. In this interview, it is uncovered that the role of Medical Technologists in the Hospital is more than just doing tests in laboratories. With the advancements in molecular pathology and genetic sequencing, Medical Technologists are now playing a more pivotal role in assisting doctors’ clinical management includig diagnosis, staging, treatment and prognosis. HKSH’s Molecular Pathology Division goes all in to decipher the genetic codes and patterns so as to provide doctors with the bioinformations in the quickest and most accurate ways to enable personalised care to patients in their battles against diseases.

Video:【#HKSH100】疾病情報組 為病人抽「血」剝繭 (看不見的醫者) – 養和醫務化驗師 (Chinese only)

Article: 【養和百年專題】醫務化驗師拆解基因密碼 抽「血」剝繭 為醫生、病人提供個人化治療「情報」 (Chinese only)