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HKSH Centenary Lectures at Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

03 Dec 2022

Building upon a 100-year legacy of nurturing talents, a series of HKSH Centenary Lectures were held at Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences for grooming young minds to contribute to the health of the people and the community. Four Deputy and Assistant Medical Superintendents of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital shared their valuable experience studying and practicing medicine.

The first Lecture, “Internal Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynaecology”, was held on 19 November 2022, with Dr. Joseph CHAN and Dr. Raymond LIANG as speakers. Dr. CHAN shared that he failed the first entrance examination to study medicine, but after which he made up his mind, went all out and finally achieved the goal. He encouraged the students to work hard for their dreams, and get prepared to be life-long learners to keep up with the advancement in medicine after becoming doctors. Dr. LIANG shared about his observations of which medical specialties best fit for a variety of personality types of doctors. He emphasised that doctors must be both caring and capable, with empathy, love, kindness, compassion, patience, sympathy, as well as a good memory, high intelligence, physical strength, affinity, resilience and a strong immunity. He reminded that doctors must put patients’ interests first, and respect teamwork as different medical specialties and healthcare professions are interdependent for the benefits of patients.

The final Lecture, “Surgery and Orthopedics & Traumatology”, held on 3 December 2022 was delivered by Dr. William WEI and Dr. CHOW Shew Ping. Dr. WEI took the students into the operating room through videos, enabling them to witness real-life nasal tooth extraction, cutting-edge robotic arm surgery, etc. Dr. WEI also inspired students to understand healthcare from the perspectives of culture, history, medicine and technology. Dr. CHOW encouraged students to keep abreast with current affairs and understand the healthcare system and conditions in order to gauge the needs of the public. Students should also be proactive to ask questions and express their opinions during entrance interviews. All in all, Dr. CHOW underscored that those venturing into the healthcare profession must have a sense of mission, adhering to the humanitarian nature of medicine, with a caring spirit for all we do for patients.

About 500 participants attended the lectures physically or online via live streaming. The youngsters found the sharing very insightful and inspiring, and they were excited to interact with our doctors. More than 90% of the respondents expressed their intention to enroll in medicine. The attendees were all students from Form 4 to Form 6 nominated by their schools, including Queen's College, King's College, Hong Kong Wah Yan College, St. Paul's College, St. Stephen's Girls' Secondary School, Marymount Secondary School, True Light Girls' College, Chinese Women's Association Secondary School, Diocesan Girls' School and La Salle College.

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Virtual Tour of “The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital”

30 Dec 2022
The exhibition of “The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital” is coming to a close at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences. A virtual tour is specially arranged for bringing it to a wider audience. Please click the link below or scan QR code here.

Virtual Tour of “The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital”:

HKSH Centenary Lectures

Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
19 Nov 2022 and 3 Dec 2022

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (“HKSH”) since its inception in 1922 has been committed to advancing clinical development and medical education. Over the years, HKSH has continued to provide internships for medical students, support specialist training and clinical placement for doctors, and set up professorships at universities to advance medical research.

Building upon a 100-year legacy of nurturing talents, a series of HKSH Centenary Lectures are organised for grooming young minds to contribute to the health of the people and the community. Dr. Joseph CHAN, Dr. CHOW Shew Ping, Dr. Raymond LIANG and Dr. William WEI will share about stories in studying medicine, practicing as young doctors and now mentoring the next generations of doctors.

The two Lectures were well attended by over 500 secondary school students and public members via in-person and online participation. Over 90% of respondents indicated a keen interest to study medicine.


Launch Ceremony for the Exhibition of "The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital": Photo Gallery

16 Sep 2022
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH), established in 1922, has been intricately bound with the growth of Hong Kong and the neighbouring region. In the past century, building upon the vision and mission of Dr LI Shu Fan, the founding father and former Medical Superintendent of HKSH, the devotion of HKSH to patients as well as the commitment to advancing clinical excellence and medical education continues to this day.

The Exhibition will take audience on a journey through a hundred-year history of HKSH as an integral part of Hong Kong’s medical development. Shedding light on HKSH’s contributions to healthcare services, medical education, and clinical research in the past century, the Exhibition shows how HKSH embraced opportunities and challenges to further medical sciences and provide total patient care in the community. A number of precious historical objects will be made public for the first time, which include the medical suitcase of Dr. LI Shu Pui, the former Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, to treat injured in the Mainland during WWII, and a gold grain implantation gun for treating cancers in the 1960s, just to name a few.

The Special Exhibition themed “The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital: Serving Patients ‧Nurturing Talents‧Driving Innovations” is on view from now for 3 months, through to 30 December 2022.

Guided tours: 2549 5123

What's New: Launch Ceremony for the Exhibition of "The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital" Serving Patients • Nurturing Talents • Driving Innovations

Photo Gallery