By promoting in-service training and continuous professional education, HKSH is committed to enhancing staff professionalism and leadership skills. We endeavor to create a culture of continuous improvement to deliver a level of service excellence, which is founded on the pride, dedication and affinity of every staff member serving HKSH.

Project 100

We have embarked on a training programme known as “Project 100” to provide on-the-job training to nurses and allied health professionals. Project 100 is partly funded by Lady Lau Ip Sok Wun Memorial Scholarship set up in 2016, and donations by Ma Huateng Education & Training Fund in 2017. Nurses & Allied Health Professionals, who have joined HKSH for at least 3 years, we welcome to apply for the sponsorships. Project 100 will continue to support overseas training of staff and inspire our leaders of tomorrow.

Overseas Training

HKSH has been in close partnership with world-class universities, such as UCSF, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, The University of Toronto, and The University of Melbourne. By promoting specialisation through clinical attachments and organising workshops and short-term courses on advanced clinical practices at such prestigious institutions, we hope to keep our staff abreast of the most advanced technology and practices by immersion in a different culture.

Sponsorships for Academic Conferences and Workshops

Other initiatives for staff to progress academically and professionally include sponsorships for attendances at major academic conferences, participations in workshops, visits to other medical institutions as well as self-organised training, such as Leadership Training Programme, Lean Six Sigma and Psychological Well-Being Course.

Symposiums and Seminars

HKSH has been organising seminars and symposiums for medical professionals as a platform for academic exchange and knowledge transfer, in which participants can acquire the latest medical practices in wide-ranging specialties. Attendees are granted CNE points recognised by respective medical colleges.

Medical Research

With scientific and clinical expertise, HKSH aspires to advance scientific knowledge and improve patient care by supporting medical research. Established in 2005, our Research Ethics Committee has been serving as a body for institutional review to monitor and review research protocols of the hospital. Our participation in clinical research is demonstrated by our publications in prestigious scientific journals and presentations at international conferences, thanks to the efforts of our research personnel and clinical professionals, including clinicians and allied health experts.

Interest-Free Loans

Interest-free loans are granted to staff members for their professional pursuits. With proper training, qualifications and experience, staff members are expected to shoulder more responsibility at work.