Located in Happy Valley, the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is one of the most prestigious and internationally accredited private hospitals in Hong Kong, owned by the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Limited. Founded as The Yeung Wo Nursing Home in 1922 with 28 beds, today the Hospital has around 480 beds and more than 30 specialty centres, offering diagnostic and therapeutic services in a comprehensive and one-stop fashion.

The story of the Hospital began with a leading group of Chinese medical practitioners and local dignitaries. In the face of barely adequate medical services for the local Chinese population in the early 1920s', the founders of the Hospital set out to provide quality medical care and affordable accommodation for the local Chinese community. They acquired the "Happy Retreat", once a popular amusement resort in Happy Valley, as the location of a new hospital. After renovation of the two then existing buildings, the Yeung Wo Nursing Home was inaugurated in September 1922.

After three years into operation, the Nursing Home was closed as a landslide occurred at a hill slope behind the two hospital buildings and caused considerable damage. The Nursing Home was opened for admission only after 16 months of repairs and reconstruction. In view of further patient increase, the then Board of Directors thought it would be crucial to the hospital development to have a good surgeon. And it coincided with the return of Dr. Li Shu Fan, who had just finished his term as the Head of Kung Yee University Medical School in Canton. Filling the bill admirably, Dr. Li was elected to head and reorganize Yeung Wo. Under his leadership, the name of the nursing home was changed to its present form i.e. Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. For the 40 years thereafter, Dr. Li held the twin positions of Chairman of the Board and Medical Superintendent. Continual expansion and improvement projects were initiated throughout his tenure, only to be put on hold during the war years. After a lifelong dedication to the Hospital, local medical education and general wellbeing of the community, Dr. Li passed away on 24th November 1966. The seeds he had sown in 40 years were to bear fruit in the years to come.

Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors and appointed Medical Superintendent, Dr. Li Shu Pui assumed the mantle of leadership and continued the management of the Hospital. Dr. Li Shu Pui was first elected a director of the Hospital's Board in 1929, and in 1936 he was appointed additionally as Assistant Superintendent. Expansion continued on almost a non-stop basis, and new medical technologies, e.g. magnetic resonance imaging, were introduced to strengthen the medical services. After over 70 years of faithful service to the Hospital, Dr. Li Shu Pui passed away on 31st August 2005. He was succeeded by Dr. Walton Li Wai Tat as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.

The Years 2008 and 2009 witnessed a milestone in the Hospital's development. Beginning in September 2005, the Phase III Development is the largest construction project in the Hospital's history. This project consists of a 20-floor extension on top of the original Li Shu Pui Block Phase I, and the new phase was inaugurated on 23 October 2008. Since then department relocations and ward renovations have been put in full swing to cope with the continuous demand for hospital beds and specialty services. Some floors are designated as specialty centres with much better equipment and facilities. Others are new patient wards of different types and purposes. Most of them enjoy a breathtaking view of Happy Valley.

As embodied in its motto "Quality in Service Excellence in Care", the Hospital has been striving for the best medical treatment and hospital care for its patients with state-of-the-art equipment, pleasant environment, whole-person care and most importantly, highly trained staff. At every stage of expansion, our commitment to the highest quality patient care remains unchanged.

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